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Steinfeld & Steinfeld, P.C.

On January 1, 2000, Bruce and Shayna Steinfeld formed Steinfeld & Steinfeld, P.C. As husband and wife, Bruce and Shayna are partners in all aspects of their lives. They founded the firm with the mission of providing the highest levels of client service and legal representation in family and bankruptcy law. The firm's business model enables clients to receive the level of representation associated with larger legal service providers without incurring the costs associated with these firms.



Bruce and Shayna work diligently to cultivate strong attorney-client relationships. When you work with Bruce on a family matter or with Shayna on a bankruptcy matter, you will receive the full time and attention of your attorney. There is no delegation at Steinfeld & Steinfeld, P.C. You will work closely and directly with Shayna or Bruce from the initial stages of your case until its conclusion. Both Bruce and Shayna answer their phones and return their emails personally. Consequently, each member of the firm is always fully engaged and able to discuss every aspect of your case in great detail.


While personal service is a critical component of the firm's representation, Shayna and Bruce recognize the caliber of your legal counsel is of equal or greater importance. To this end, both of the firm's lawyers are known across Atlanta and Georgia for their skill in effectively resolving complex bankruptcy and family matters. Their many honors and leadership positions stand as a testament to the esteem with which Atlanta's legal community holds them. Of course, these honors are not nearly as crucial as the accolades Bruce and Shayna have received from satisfied clients.

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