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At its conclusion, every part of a divorce, whether by a judge's order or by agreement of the spouses, will be committed to writing. Moving forward, the parties to a divorce must follow the terms of this agreement as to property distribution, alimony, child custody, and support. When one party fails to comply with any part of this agreement, it will create significant issues.

Further, there are times after a divorce where it may be necessary to modify part of the divorce agreement. In either of these situations, a lawyer can provide invaluable assistance. Based in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Bruce Steinfeld of Steinfeld & Steinfeld, P.C., takes on all types of divorce modification and enforcement matters. With a quarter-century of experience in this field, he offers dynamic, strategic representation.


Legal Advice For Support And Custody Enforcement

This divorce agreement is a contract. When one person fails to adhere to this contract, problems can arise. For instance, parents cannot generally make unilateral decisions about a child's education, religion, extracurricular activities, or health care without input from the other parent. In other situations, an ex-spouse may fail to pay child support or alimony or withhold court-ordered parenting time.

In most cases, Bruce's first step will be to contact your ex-spouse or his or her legal counsel to encourage his or her compliance with the divorce agreement. If this step does not resolve the matter, Bruce will explore other alternatives. Depending on the situation, Bruce may argue to the court that your ex-spouse should be held in contempt of court. In these instances, courts have ample discretion to impose specific penalties, including incarceration for the non-compliant party.

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Modifying The Terms Of Your Divorce Agreement

It is only natural that an agreement that was sensible in one stage of your life may not be reasonable in another phase of your life. It is common for parties to change their alimony, child support, or child custody arrangements after the divorce has been finalized. Under Georgia law, support obligations can be modified based on a change in financial circumstances. Custody arrangements can be modified based on a change in circumstances affecting the best interests of the children. These situations can become extremely complex, particularly when one parent wishes to move away with the children. Atlanta support modifications attorney Bruce Steinfeld will help you understand your rights and determine a course of action that best suits your needs and the needs of your children.

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