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For parents who are divorcing, reaching a child custody agreement can be a significant challenge. Parents often have vastly different ideas about what constitutes a fair child custody arrangement. The uncertainty and loss of control can create a multitude of issues. Working with a knowledgeable family lawyer can go a long way toward creating practical, favorable solutions.

Based in the Buckhead neighborhood, Atlanta child custody attorney Bruce Steinfeld has helped families in custody disputes for more than 30 years. The overwhelming majority of the divorces Bruce takes on involve minor children. Bruce instinctively recognizes that minimizing the negative impact of divorce on children is the most critical goal in any divorce.


A Comprehensive Approach To Custody Matters

While you and your spouse will no longer be husband and wife, you will still be father and mother. Even while your divorce is pending, you and your spouse will have to continue to make critical decisions together as to your child's upbringing. When you work with Steinfeld & Steinfeld, P.C., Bruce will serve as a counselor and educator, helping you understand your role, your rights, and your obligations

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Child Custody In Georgia

Courts are required to make custody decisions that are in the best interests of the child. While this standard is somewhat subjective, Bruce's quarter-century of experience in this field can help you understand what this standard means in practice. There are two types of custody in Georgia: legal custody and physical custody. Physical custody involves where the child lives. One parent can have primary physical custody and the other visitation, although the trend toward joint custody is increasing.

Legal custody refers to the right to make decisions about a child's upbringing, including health care, education, religion, and extracurricular activities. While parents should each have a say in these vital issues, one parent will have final decision-making authority over these issues. It is common for one parent to have final decision-making authority on some of these issues while the other parent retains final decision-making authority over other matters.

Developing Parenting Plans For Atlanta Families
Parenting plans are an increasingly common way to clarify each parent's responsibilities. A parenting plan will outline where the children will spend their time, which parent has final decision-making authority over various aspects of the child's upbringing and other issues related to legal and physical custody. Bruce understands the strategic and logistical issues involved in creating a practical parenting plan, and he will guide you through the various aspects of the process.

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