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Conflicts can arise at any point in the bankruptcy process, creating uncertainty, potential delays, and a host of other issues. If you or your company is engaged in bankruptcy litigation, either as a creditor or a debtor, it is critical to align with strategic, dynamic legal counsel. With more than two decades of focused experience, Atlanta bankruptcy litigation lawyer, Shayna Steinfeld, represents creditors and debtors across Georgia

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A Leader In Atlanta's Legal Community

Throughout Shayna's career, she has worked in a number of leadership positions and has earned many accolades that reflect her commitment to her clients and to her profession. Shayna is a former president of the Atlanta Bar Association and a former chairwoman of the State Bar of Georgia's Bankruptcy Section and the Atlanta Bar Association's Bankruptcy Section. Further, she played an instrumental role in updating Georgia's bankruptcy exemptions.

The depth and breadth of Shayna's experience provide tangible benefits to businesses and individuals involved in any part of the bankruptcy process. By representing both creditors and debtors, she is able to leverage her distinctive viewpoint and perspective to create innovative, successful strategies. As a testament to Shayna's skill and experience, trustees and other bankruptcy attorneys regularly ask her to intervene in challenging cases. Shayna represents clients in all types of adversarial proceedings and contested matters, including:

  • Fraudulent transfer litigation

  • Discharge litigation

  • Preference litigation

  • Relief from the automatic stay

  • Appeals

In these and other matters, Shayna will take effective, decisive action aimed at protecting her clients' immediate and long-term outlook.

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