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Shayna M. Steinfeld

Other Publications & Reported Decisions

•   Author, “Bankruptcy Basics for the Family Lawyer,” American Journal of Family Law, Vol. 34, No. 1 Wolters Kluwer (Spring 2020). 

•    Author, “Attorney Fees in Bankruptcy,”  Family Advocate,  Vol. 42, No. 4, American Bar Association, Family Law Section (Spring 2020).

•    Author, “The Impact of Changes Under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 on Family Obligations,”  Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, a Journal and Digest of Family Law, Volume 20, No. 2,  pp. 251-83 (2007). 

•    Co-Author, “After Brenda and Eddie divorce, Eddie files for Bankruptcy.  The Unusual Life of Defalcation under BAPCPA,”  Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, a Journal and Digest of Family Law, Volume 25, No.1  pp. 67-86 (2012).

•    Contributing Author, Texas Annotated Family Code (Lexis/Nexis, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2012 Ed.)(Bankruptcy Appendix).

•    Author, Credit Reports, Credit Scores, and Other Potential Financial Ramifications of Divorce, American Journal of Family Law, (Aspen Publishers) Vol. 20, No. 1 (Spring 2006).

•    Contributing Editor, “Family Legal Guide” (American Bar Assoc. 2004).

•    Co-Author, A Brief Overview of Bankruptcy and Alimony/Support Issues, Family Law Quarterly, Vol. 38, No. 1 (Spring, 2004).

•    Contributing Author, An Overview of Bankruptcy and Divorce,  2004 Family Law Update (Aspen Publishers)(2004).

•    Contributing Author, McConaughey, Dan, Georgia Divorce, Alimony and Child Custody (Chapter on Bankruptcy-§14-14) (approximately annually since approximately 2002). 

•    Co-Author, The Intersection of Bankruptcy and Divorce for Divorce Practitioners, Divorce Litigation, Vol. 13, No. 10 (October, 2001).

•    Contributing Editor, Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice 2d (West Group),   (Chapter on Divorce and Bankruptcy) (2001).

•    Author,   State Bar of Georgia publications:  The Intersection of Bankruptcy and Divorce:  Family Law Section Newsletter (1998); A Woman’s Bar at Work, Georgia Bar Journal, December 1997; Divorce and the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1994:  Family Law Section Newsletter (1996).

•    Contributing Author for the Georgia Commission on Women:  Bankruptcy & Creditor's Rights sections of Women and the Law, A Guide to Women's Legal Rights in Georgia, 1995. 

Reported Decisos

REPORTED DECISIONS in West’s Bankruptcy Reporter: Ogier v. Johnson, 2013 WL 6843476 (N.D.Ga. 2013); Illinois  Student Assistance Commission v. Cox, 273 B.R. 719 (N.D.Ga. 2002); Dotson v. EAN Servs., LLC (In re A-1 Express Delivery Serv.), 2020 LEXIS 2728 (Bankr. N.D.Ga 2020); GMI Group, Inc. v Reliable Fast Cash, LLC (In re GMI Group, Inc.), 2019 WL 3774117 (Bankr. N.D. Ga. 2019); GMI Group, Inc. v. Unique Funding Solutions, Inc. (In re GMI Group, Inc.), 606 B.R. 467 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2019); GMI Group, Inc. v. Expansion Capital Group, LLC (In re GMI Group, Inc.), 2019 WL 4253853 (Bankr. N.D. Ga. 2019); GMI Group., Inc. v. Unique Funding Sols., LLC (In re GMI Group., Inc.), 598 B.R. 685 (Bankr. N.D. Ga 2019);  Sheffield v. U.S. (In re Sheffield), 2019 WL 3986290 (Bankr. M.D.Ga. 2019); Sheffield v. U.S. (In re Sheffield), 2019 WL 4072764 (Bankr. M.D.Ga. 2019);  Harris v. Stevens (In re Harris), 592 B.R. 750 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2018); BKGD, LLC v. Townsend (In re Smith), 2018  LEXIS 1076, 2018 WL 1737616 and 2017 LEXIS 989 * (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2018); Bavaria Yachts USA, LLLP v.  Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH, (In re Bavaria Yachts USA, LLLP),  575 B.R. 540 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2017);  In re Bay Circle Properties, LLC, 2017 WL 639769 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2017); Farina v. Fed. Loan Servicing (In re Farina), 2016 WL 4398411 (Bankr. N.D.GA. 2016);   Blonder v. AGC Group, Inc. (In re Blonder), 2015 WL 5773230 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2015);  Rackley v. Rackley (In re Rackley), 502 B.R. 615 (Bankr. N.D. Ga. 2013); In re Dye, 2012 WL 5335137 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2012);  In re Benson, 2010 WL 2016891(Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2010); In re Evilsizer, 2009 WL 6498185 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2009);  In re Turner, 2007 WL 7141824 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2007); Allen v Boggs (In re Boggs), 2007 WL 7138343 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2007);  Pincus v. Long (In re Long), 2006 WL 6593815 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2006); Gueresso v. Gueresso (In re Gueresso), 2006 WL 6589905 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2006); Duval of Georgia, Inc.  v. Merrill Lynch Bus. Fin. Sol, Inc. (In re Duval of Georgia, Inc.), 2005 WL 6952446 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2005); Bellows v. Froug (In re Froug), 2005 WL 6487196 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2005);  McGinnis v. Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (In re McGinnis), 289 B.R. 257 (Bankr. M.D.Ga. 2003); Belcher v. Columbia Univ. (In re Belcher), 287 B.R. 839 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 2001);  Gordon v. Westside Bank & Trust (In re Combs), 190 B.R. 979 (Bankr. N.D.Ga. 1995); In re Shelbayah, 165 B.R. 332 (Bankr.  N.D.Ga.  1994) and In re Leeds Building Products, 141 B.R. 265 (Bankr.  N.D.Ga.  1992).

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